Couple Is Shocked When ”Dead” Fish Starts Wiggling In The Pan


Can you imagine trying to get dinner ready… and seeing this happen before your very eyes?! No wonder this video has been seen over two million times!

A woman is preparing dinner in their kitchen when they make a shocking discovery. 40 minutes after the head and insides of this Bowfin are removed, it appears as though the fish is still alive! Needless to say, the woman is startled when, after the fish is completely gutted, it wiggles and writhes in her grasp and on the cutting board. Her husband joins her in the kitchen, armed with his camera, to capture this unbelievable sight. Even the family dog is barking at the scene as the more she tries to scale the fish, the more it jumps around like something out of a sci-fi horror movie. Yikes!

While it may appear as though the fish is still “alive,” rest assured it is indeed not. Like “a chicken with its head cut off,” it’s not that the fish is alive, but rather a reflex in the nerves. The muscles still have active energy and can continue to move on their own when stimulated — in this case, by the woman’s hand and knife. The result is both unnerving (no pun intended) and fascinating.

Warning: This video may be upsetting to some viewers.

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