This Cake Turns Into A Spectacular Light show Before Our Eyes


In a day and age when over-the-top weddings seem to be commonplace, we came across a cake that was too cool not to share with the world. From first glance, it looks like a very understated wedding cake. A few tiers, a castle on top, and no real frills whatsoever. Then, it happens.

In the blink of an eye, Tinker Bell flutters across the frosting and I’m suddenly transfixed on this seemingly magical cake. What am I looking at here? How did this cake turn into a motion picture right before my eyes? As it turns out, the ‘magical’ images are being projected onto this masterpiece like a movie screen via a technology called projection mapping.

So what is projection mapping? Well, where typical projectors project images onto flat screens, projection mapping allows images to be displayed on any 3D surface. In this instance, the technology was used to turn a plain, motionless cake, into an entrancing confection right before our eyes. Pretty cool, right?

This Disney fairytale cake is an elegant and unique way to bring wonderment and joy to a wedding tradition that was in dire need of a spark. Of course, once the cake gets devoured by the guests, the magic is lost (or at least the projection “screen”). That’s okay in our book, because we’re happy to take our hats off to people pushing the envelope in entertainment creativity.

Yes, this Disney cake is edible, and though this exact cake can only be purchased at Walt Disney World, we suspect that cakes like this will become more common and eventually even more creative. So, what do you think? Would you like a wedding cake like this? Spread the word if you thought this was as amazing as I did.



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