Animal Rescuer Scolds Bully Swan During Rescued Bird Release


If you have ever watched the television show What Would You Do? — or have seen any of their (or others’) social experiment videos posted online — you have probably thought about what your own reaction would be if you too were put in a situation where you witnessed something unjust, unfair, or just downright morally wrong.

Now, I know might be totally confident in what I’d do If I saw one person bullying another, but if I happened upon a bullying situation in the animal world, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do!

Simon, from the WildLife Aid might just be the only person who really would know what to do, because after all the rescues he’s completed over the years, he’s seen just about every animal bully there is, and he has even dealt with one mean bird who bullied him, too!

In this particular video, he is releasing a baby goose that was previously rescued back into the wild — but when a big territorial swan starts to get aggressive with the baby, Simon has to set the bully bird straight!

You can’t help but to laugh at the way Simon yells at the bird just like a parent would scold a kid… That is, until you realize that it totally works! You can even see the swan drop his head in shame when the scolding is over!

One thing I know for sure, if I was an animal, I’d want Simon on MY side.

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