A dying newborn calf lies helplessly on the road, waiting for someone to save it


A couple of years ago, a breathtaking photo of India was posted online.

On the side of the road lay an abandoned calf, which was on the verge of death – kind-hearted people came to its aid and saved its life.

The video, which was posted on YouTube years ago, has already become a hit, with over 21 million views to date and bringing many viewers to tears.

The calf was abandoned on the side of the road to its fate – if no one had helped the animal, it would have died within a few hours. People from nearby houses came to the aid of the calf, and their intervention saved the animal’s life.

The animal’s recovery at the shelter was also called a real miracle, since the calf had little chance of survival. See how the kind-hearted people of India helped a calf abandoned to the mercy of fate that had barely seen the light of day.



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