Here Are Some Traps That Will Help You Survive In The Wilderness


If you’re a big fan of spending time in the wilderness, you probably know a little bit about different survival techniques. I mean, it’s always a good idea to learn a couple tips and tricks when you’re hanging out in the elements with wild animals.

So here are five traps that will serve you well in case you ever need food, or if you need to protect yourself from predators. These inventive contraptions aren’t exactly traditional, but they’re uniquely useful.

1. This trap can be used to ensnare smaller animals.

2. Anyone or anything that moves the center stick on this one will get trapped in that red cord.

3. By touching either of the red bands, the horizontal stick will be released and your victim will be trapped.

4. This Coke-bottle trap is great for fishing. Put some bait in the center of the bottle, and you’ll be able to pull in a fish or two.

5. This delicate trap will release if anyone moves the horizontal stick. Once released, the prey will become ensnared in the red band. Basically, there are lots of ways to catch things with sticks and strings.

For full instructions, be sure to check out the video below:





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