The Parachute Engine Crashed And Goes Down Next To Highway


In the past few days, paratroopers have landed on each other’s nets when passengers in the air experience real horror.

The pilot, with 17 paratroopers on board, lost power during the flight and immediately landed.

The video with a happy ending has been a real success on the Internet – to date, it has amassed over 350,000 views on YouTube alone, including the fact that we can trace a plane crash with a group of paratroopers.

The incident took place in the Netherlands in recent days, when 17 paratroopers were left without an engine during the flight, and the pilot chose a meadow along the highway for an emergency landing. The landing was a success with many netizens praising the pilot’s skills.

Watch a performance by a group of Dutch paratroopers when a plane’s engine fails in the air. Fortunately, he was such a great pilot that he survived without injury.



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