A strange looking man added her on Facebook, officers revealed to her a shocking discovery


In this day and age almost everybody uses social networks like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

If you are not using one of them then you are probably living on the moon!

Most people opt to use the most popular network which is Facebook and most of the time you are not fully sure how private your account is and who see’s exactly what you post.

Some people do not realize the dangers of being on Facebook and sometimes they often accept friend requests from people they do not know.

Below is a story that was posted and Facebook that recently went viral. It’s very important that everyone reads this story and take heed to the warning.

The post was made by an ex police officer and she wanted to reveal this information to the public.

A guy sends you a friend request. You don’t know him, but he’s got a cute profile picture, so you accept his friend request. It’s your baby girl’s first day of school. She looks so cute in her new outfit you just have to take a picture and put it on Facebook so all your friends and family can see.

You’re so excited dropping her off that you ‘Check in’ to her school on FB saying ‘I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. Time sure flies. One proud momma/daddy right here’.

Meanwhile, the mystery guy whose friend request you hurriedly accepted earlier this morning is saving that picture you posted of your daughter in her cute new outfit to his phone and texting it to 60 other grown men across the world with the caption –

‘American Female. Age 5.
Brown Hair. Black Eyes.


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