He Set Up Cameras In His Garage. What He Does With The Pit Bull? SPEECHLESS.


Dogs are known as man’s best friend, especially since they never fail to be there in times of need. Yet, sometimes, it’s our dogs that need us the most.

In 2004, Craig Mosher’s pit bull Loois had spinal surgery that unintentionally left his rear two legs paralyzed. But, Mosher refused to give up on his little pooch.

He found a way to walk Loois using a special harness that elevates the dog’s hind legs off the ground and allows him to use only the front ones. Just wait until you get to 1:10 — you’ll definitely be impressed by the device that allows this dog to “walk!”

“I go where he goes,” Mosher says in the video. “It’s not my walk. It’s all about him.”

Using another device, Loois also gets to play fetch just like other dogs, as demonstrated at the 1:35 mark. Mosher even makes sure to exercise his dog’s disabled legs on a daily basis.

Despite Loois’ difficult condition, Mosher says he wouldn’t trade “him for anything” and shows gratitude for his four-legged companion.

“I think he keeps me as a good person, because he’s my best friend. He’s the only family I’ve got that actually lives with me,” the owner says. “He’s just the most wonderful, nicest, kindest, little creature you’ll want to meet in your life.”

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