This Puppy Farts In Her Brother’s Face. His Reaction? PRICELESS!


Well, well, well… what do we have here? A little sibling rivalry, I presume? Yep — and one hilarious video!

Here, we see Mac the corgi getting to know his new little sister Lacie. According to their pet parents, Lacie is known to play a little “dirty” sometimes, and she isn’t afraid to push the envelope when it comes to showing Mac that she’s the new boss around these parts.

Just when their feud is getting heated — yapping in each other’s faces — Lacie takes it to the next level. She turns her little butt around, sticks it right in Mac’s face… and I won’t spoil the rest. It’s just too funny! And sadly, it reminds me of what my big brother used to do to me. Oh, the horror.

The look on Mac’s face at the very end is simply priceless. I literally cried tears of laughter, and so did all of my friends when I showed this video to them.

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