One-Of-A-Kind Chicken Coops Make Adorable Backyard Additions

These days, it’s starting to feel like no backyard is complete without a gorgeous chicken coop and a rowdy gaggle of hens.

Whether you’re just looking for a different kind of pet, or absolutely love farm fresh eggs in the morning, owning chickens can be an exciting adventure.

To properly house chickens in a domestic setting, you really need to have your own coop. Designing and building said coop can be an adventure in and of itself.

Building a chicken coop is a fantastic opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Between all the different design directions you can try and every innovative feature a coop can possess, the possibilities are truly endless!

Chicken coop construction can begin with an older item, ripe for upcycling, or simply start entirely from scratch.

Like any DIY project, though, starting by browsing the projects others have already put together is a great tactic for generating exciting ideas and troubleshooting planning challenges before it’s too late.

Scroll through below for a look at all sorts of creative chicken coop construction ideas, tips, and tricks.


Owning chickens is, suddenly, quite in vogue.

Along with getting to eat farm fresh eggs every morning and having precious souls to keep you company during your garden chores, owning chickens comes with another exciting opportunity — you get to build these birds their own little chicken coop!

Cribs make fantastic jumping off points for upcycled chicken coops.

DaNelle from Weed ‘em & Reap was able to put her upcycled coop together for under $50!


These structures can also be exciting blank slates, ripe for showcasing your personal decorating style.

Redeem Your Ground recently showcased their little nameplate adornment, boasting all the names of their chickens — a very cute touch!


One tactic when constructing your coop is to let function inform your design choices.

The Tangled Nest showcased their coop, which boasts access to different roaming areas for their chickens to explore day after day, enabling all sorts of exciting adventures!


Do you have an old swing set collecting cobwebs in your backyard?

Do what Jojochooks did, and repurpose it into a coop for a gaggle of hens!


There are also all sorts of other features you can add to your chicken coop’s design.

Carla of Small + Friendly built her chicken coop complete with skylights, vinyl flooring, ample ventilation, nesting boxes, and roosting bars.


When selecting where to position a coop in your yard, consider the elements.

Scott at Steamy Kitchen quickly realized while constructing his coop that he’d need to accommodate for potential flooding in the future, and had to revise his plans accordingly.


However and wherever you choose to build your coop, these backyard additions are fabulous opportunities to express your personal style with color and design, like the designers did with this beautiful coop fromTrevormade.


A great tip MisterChicken from learned during his coop build was to get very specific with measurements and materials calculations up top.

After he finished construction, he’d wished he’d been more thorough in the design phase to minimize wasted materials.


Are you looking for other money-saving chicken coop construction ideas?

Try following Bobbie from A Vision to Remember‘s strategy, and reuse old pallets to build your coop!


However you choose to tackle your chicken coop project, remember to stay true to yourself in the process.

A coop can be most anything you want — even a cool geo dome!


The more original your coop’s design, like this project DIY-er kate@littlefarm put together, the more it’s bound to make a statement in your yard.


Your chicken coop can also serve other purposes.

Landscape + Urban, for example, decided to add a living roof to their coop, for more gardening surface area and added visual pizzazz.


No space in your yard for a full-fledged coop? Try building Ana White‘s chick brooding cabinet instead.

Whichever direction you choose to take your chicken coop design, always remember to make it your own!

What do you think of these chicken coops? Do you own chickens? Tell us all about them in the comments below.

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