Message in bottle found 101 years on after fisherman pulls it from the sea




A message in a bottle has been pulled from the sea by fishermen a record-breaking 101 years after it was sent.

A German called Richard Platz scribbled his note to the world on May 17, 1913 – one year before the First World War, in which he died.

It was a postcard from Denmark with two German stamps on it and a message asking the finder ‘to post it on to my address in Berlin’.


More than a century on, it was found by a crew from the north German port of Heikendorf, near Kiel. ‘When I saw the date I got really excited,’ said skipper Konrad Fischer.



The oldest message in a bottle listed by Guinness World Records was found in 2012 – 97 years after it was sent.

Unusual haul: The bottle has become the longest so far to stay adrift before being picked up

The postcard dated 17 May 1913 as well as an old beer bottle sit on top of a map in Kiel, Germany.


Find: The old beer bottle contained a postcard dated 17 May 1913. Mr Fischer the fisherman was amazed

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