He Keeps Trying To Close The Fridge, But Two Adorable Troublemakers Keep Getting In The Way!


Babies are known for being a handful, especially as they begin to discover new and exciting things. But parents raising twins are in for double trouble! This dad has discovered his life will never be the same after opening the fridge to get some breakfast and learning that he might never be able to close it again thanks to his curious babies who team up against him. This has to be one of the cutest baby videos I’ve ever seen!

Just like the baby who was blown away by his own reflection, these two are completely fascinated by the world around them. And really, who could blame them for being so drawn to the refrigerator? They know that their mommy and daddy pull all sorts of colorful objects out of that mysterious box, so it’s only natural that they’d want to check it out for themselves. Who knows? If they look hard enough, they just might discover a new favorite food like this baby did!

My favorite part of this video is how these two really work as a team to make sure their daddy never gets to close the refrigerator door. While he’s busy wrangling one of them, the other makes a mad dash to peer inside the produce drawer. When he manages to pull that one away, it’s the other’s turn to discover what wonders lie within this magical cold place. Something tells me these parents are going to have their hands full as these two get bigger!

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