Flock Of Hummingbirds Have Wild Feeding Frenzy


This beautiful video is guaranteed to leave you utterly amazed at the absolute beauty that’s hidden in nature. The video begins simply enough, a beautiful image of a setting sun, overlooking a river with a hummingbird feeder in the foreground.

Happily sipping away at the sugar water are two adorable little hummingbirds. Everything is calm and serene as these two beautiful and odd creatures enjoy their dinner, the soft buzzing of their flapping wings plays perfectly with the setting of this beautiful video.

Then a few seconds later the buzzing gets a bit louder. A third darling little hummingbirdsuddenly flies into view, then a few seconds after that the buzzing gets louder and louder.

What eventually results is a full on feeding frenzy with this intense flock of birds. Flapping their wings at 70 times per second, these tiny little birds need a lot of sugar in order to keep up with their fast and furious lifestyle!

Along with their cute little chirps this particular flock of birds is no stranger to the man who filmed the video. The man who feeds them admits that he goes through pounds and pounds of sugar every single week! With so many little birds, it certainly all adds up!

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