Father of 4 girls literally faints after learning he’s finally having a boy


It’s the moment of truth — Mom and Dad lower the knife into the cake that holds a secret they’re dying to know. In hindsight, these parents are probably grateful someone recorded what transpired when they saw the color of the frosting inside.

According to the YouTube video description, the couple throwing the gender reveal party already had four daughters, with another baby on the way. For the unfamiliar, a gender reveal party allows expectant parents to share the exact moment when they learn their baby’s gender with their loved ones. Typically, their doctor will write down the baby’s sex on a slip of paper, seal it in an envelope, and the parents will then give the envelope to a third party. That third party will devise a creative way to break the news to the parents — though the reveal most commonly occurs with a cake containing either pink or blue frosting depending on what the slip of paper says. According to Babble, other popular surprise methods include opening a box filled with colored helium balloons, colored confetti push pops, scratch tickets, and even piñatas filled with either pink or blue goodies.

In this case, the parents chose a cake which, incidentally, contained blue frosting. Upon learning that he would finally have a son, the overjoyed father collapsed to the ground and remained there, apparently having fainted at the revelation. When his son is old enough to watch this footage, he will most likely be touched to know his dad was so excited for his birth.



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