Family Bands Together As Miracle Baby Fights For Her Life

You would think adoption is an easy process. There are so many millions of children without forever homes and so many parents who are just dying to welcome them into theirs. However, the process never is as simple as we would like to hope. Every adoptive parent has a unique journey and there is nary one who has any regrets about their own.

Mark and Maureen already had three children, two boys and one girl. Unable to conceive another biological child, they wanted to adopt a baby girl. They filled out all the paperwork, they got the nursery ready, they got the kids excited, they did everything they were supposed to do. They waited two years. Even after the couple got the news that there was a baby available for them, things didn’t quite turn out the way they had expected.

Every adoption story is different. This is Mark and Maureen’s incredible journey…

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Mark and Maureen had three children and so badly wanted a fourth. They turned to adoption to bring a little girl into their life. They thought it would be as easy as filling out paperwork, decorating a nursery, and then getting their daughter. They waited two long years.


When Maureen got a text message from the caseworker saying her baby was going to be born in a few days, it seemed they had made it across the finish line. Everyone was so excited, their baby sister was finally coming home!


Then Maureen received a heartbreaking call from the social worker. Their baby girl was in the NICU. Things were dire.


She was on the breathing machine. She was on drugs and steroids to help her heart heal better. The family had no idea if she was going to make it or not.


Mark and Maureen stayed with her. Maureen would go in every morning and sit by her, hoping she would be OK.


Then after 10 excruciating days, Mark and Maureen brought baby Olivia home to her brothers and sister. Their family was finally complete.

See more of this touching adoption story in the video below.

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