Dad’s Final Wish Was To See Her Get Married. When You See What They Did? OMG…


I‘ve never met a little girl who hasn’t dreamed that someday her father will get to walk her down the aisle in her wedding gown.

When that day comes, we’ve seen what a beautiful moment it can be — but unfortunately for so many women, they never get the chance to have that special walk with their father.

When this bride learned that her cancer-stricken father would never get the chance to walk her down the aisle,this bride-to-be took matters into her own hands — and we see a similar scenario in the following video, only it’s way more heartbreaking.

The reason it’s so sad is that the bride in this video is still just that little girl. Nakeol is only 10 years old and she’s faced with a truly devastating situation. Her father is dying from lung disease COPD and will never get the chance to see his daughter grow up, let alone get married.

Nakeol’s family decided to arrange a little marriage ceremony of their own in Dad’s hospital room, in which they recite vows to one another. As you will see, Nakeol promises her father that she will only marry a man that her daddy knows is worthy of her love, while Dad promises to give his blessing from above when that man comes along.

What happens next has me crying like a baby. Nakeol may never have her Dad at her wedding, but she will always have the “wedding ring” from him as a reminder that he is watching over her.

And, just like this little girl’s “wedding ceremony” with her dying father, even though their hearts are broken, when they are all grown up and planning their own weddings, it’s a beautiful thing that they get to incorporate these videos.

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