Bruce Van Natta Says That A Pair Of Angels Saved Him From Certain Death


In the past 100 years, we have learned so much about this beautiful world and its many mysteries, thanks to the hard work and determination of scientists.

Every day, we are making many discoveries that explain a little bit more about the world around us, like these beautiful ocean creatures that we never would have found without cutting-edge technology.

But for every incredible revelation from the world of science, there are dozens of phenomena that researchers simply have no explanation for, like this small boy who seems to be a reincarnation of a World War II pilot.

These mysteries are baffling, but there are lots of people who believe that they are proof of a higher power. Take, for example, the incredible tale of Bruce Van Natta. In 2006, Van Natta was working as an auto mechanic and was crushed underneath the axel of a semi truck.

He was nearly severed in half during the accident, and, by all logic, should have died within a few minutes from the severity of his injuries. Instead, he says that his spirit left his body, and allowed him to witness two angels tending to him in his time of need.

He made it to the hospital, but doctors still doubted that he would survive his wounds. Van Natta says that he just kept praying. He prayed day in and day out for the next nine months.

When he returned to the hospital for a final checkup, the doctors were stunned by what they discovered when they examined him. Learn more about this miraculous tale in the video below.

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Please note that the following video contains graphic descriptions of severe injuries.



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