Baby Deer Adorably Thinks Random Hikers Are His Mother


If you live in any rural area, it’s probably likely that you have “pet” deer — that is, those animals who frequent your backyard so often that they’re commonplace fixtures of your household.

“We were walking and we heard something and we saw it,” says a woman offscreen. “We were like, is that a little fox?” Not a fox, but a tiny spotted fawn who seems to have lost his mother and wandered out of the woods looking for her. And there are a couple of reasons this may have happened. Possibly the hungry, based on his behavior toward the man. But there’s also a chance that he simply wandered off and hasn’t been well enough adjusted to self-preservation behaviors learned from his mother, like skittishness around large mammals (i.e. people).

But either way, the video is pretty hard not to crack a smile at. Despite their best efforts, after giving the little one some water, they can’t seem to shake him. And this fearless baby reminds us of another fawn we posted about a while ago who also made an unlikely friend (spoiler alert, the friend is a cat and the whole thing is adorable). And when the group jokes about taking the little guy home with them, I couldn’t help but agree.

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