Adorable Kid Can’t Figure Out This Whole Hot Dog Thing…


Forget about peanuts and cracker jacks. Ask most baseball fans, and they’ll agree that hot dogs are a staple when attending the big game. But perfecting hot dog eating may be harder than it looks — just ask the kid in this next video.

During a recent baseball game, one young Los Angeles Angels fan was captured on the jumbotron munching on the ballpark snack. Covered in a mustard and ketchupy mess, the young boy chowed down as the baseball announcers named him the “Fan Of The Game.” But that’s when things took a hilarious turn.

As the boy tried to eat his hot dog, things quickly fell apart, as the food slipped out of the bun and onto his seat. Whoops! When the hot dog falls, this boy hows he believes in the “five seconds rule” and picks it back up and decides to ditch the bun. (Kids will be kids!) He can barely keep a grasp on his food and takes matters into his own hands.

This little kid is a champ! You got to hand it to him for creativity. Watch the whole video in its adorable entirety.

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